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UX in the UK: Gerry Gaffney interviews Andy Budd | Information & Design

Andy Budd takes some time out to discuss UX in the UK with Gerry Gaffney ofInformation and Design. Gerry asks Andy where he feels UX is within the UK at the moment, what he thinks of the label ‘User Experience Design’ and finally about Silverback, Andy Budds’ (Clearleft) usability testing application.

Gerry Gaffney:

My guest today has a finger in many pies. He’s a user experience designer, many people will be familiar with his gorilla, the iconic photograph that appears on the usability testing application Silverback, which runs on Mac computers.

He’s managing director at Clearleft Limited, a user experience company based in Brighton, England. He organises the UX London Conference which is forthcoming shortly and the dConstruct Conference.

Andy Budd, welcome to the User Experience podcast.

Andy Budd:

Thank you for having me, Gerry.


Let me start by asking you, is dConstruct running this year in 2011?


It is, yeah. We’ve been running for I think six or seven years now. We started in 2005 and it runs every year on the first Friday of September.


And dConstruct, correct me if I’m wrong here, but I think you advertise as being basically a low-cost conference, is that right?


It is, yeah. When we initially started it up we’d gone to South by Southwest and really, really enjoyed it, and when we came back to the UK we realised there was nothing similar on in the UK. There were actually no web design conferences at all, and one of the really nice aspects of South by Southwest is its price; I mean it’s a couple of hundred dollars. And so we wanted to put something on in the UK that basically allowed as many people to come along as possible. We really wanted to kind of popularise the web design industry; get people who are not only from large companies [whose] bosses are picking up the bill, but something that everybody from students or freelancers could come along and attend.

So we’ve deliberately kept the cost down. We do that by making it a one-day conference which also means that people don’t have to stay overnight, they can just travel down in the morning also there’s not a lot of cost in having time off of work and, yeah, we price it in a way that hopefully gets a really broad mix of people from big corporate clients all the way down to students and freelancers.

We’ve started doing a third conference this year called Ampersand which is a typographically-focused conference because another thing that we do is we’ve started up a small start-up called Fontdeck, which basically allows graphic designers, web designers to embed fonts on their websites. And so we’re very interested in typography as a company. We go out and do day trips to sort of typographic presses and all that kind of stuff. And yeah Rich, Rich Rutter, who’s my business partner, wanted to set up a typography conference. So that’s coming up in June/July.


Now you’ve also got a great line up for UX London which is in… March or April, is that right?

The rest of this transcript can be seen at the Information and Design website.

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