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A Great User Experience: The Web Legacy of Steve Jobs

Earlier today, the tech world was rocked by the sad news that Steve Jobs had died. I’d like to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, on behalf of ReadWriteWeb, for what he brought to the Web world. There will be hundreds of different tributes written by many tech publications – deservedly so, as Steve Jobs had a huge impact on many aspects of technology.

In this post I want to highlight 3 main things that I’m grateful to Steve Jobs for: 1) re-defining mobile computing with the iPhone and iPad; 2) his design philosophy; 3) his leadership. Steve Jobs strived for greatness in the products his company built, which resulted in a great user experience on the Web for millions of people.

Boom! The Mobile Web Revolution Begins…

Over the years, Steve Jobs had been at the helm of a number of revolutionary technology products, including the MacIntosh computer in 1984 and the iPod in 2001. In January 2007, Steve Jobs announced what was arguably his biggest triumph: the iPhone.

At the time, Jobs described the strange new product as “three revolutionary new products” all rolled up into one device. Part iPod, part phone and part “internet mobile communicator”. He boldly claimed that this new hybrid product, called an iPhone, would reinvent the phone. It would be “the Internet in your pocket for the first time ever.”

As Steve Jobs was fond of saying at the time: boom! Because the iPhone more than lived up to Jobs’ descriptions. It brought the Mobile Web alive with its touchscreen display, native apps and Web browser.

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