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How to make it as an in-house UXer

Working as an in-house (a.k.a. client-side) UX professional can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be very lonely, frustrating and damn right infuriating at times. As someone who has spent most of their UX career working in-house I thought it be useful to share what I think some of the key things are for making it as an in-house UXer.

Perfect your UX sales patter

Ok so you don’t have to suddenly become a salesman once you’re working in-house but it is crucial to be able to sell and evangelize UX because unlike an agency or consultancy you don’t have a sales and marketing team doing this on your behalf. This means at the very least letting people know that UX people like yourself exist within the organisation, outlining the sort of work you do and spelling out why UX is so important to the organisation in the first place. For tips on selling UX within your organisation take a look at my Selling UX article and pick up a copy of Selling Usability – User experience infiltration tactics and Undercover User Experience Design. Both books are stuffed with hints, tips and advice for how to get those user experience refuseniks within your organisation to ‘see the light’.

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