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The edge in eCommerce: emotion | cxpartners



We’ve written a lot about eCommerce here at cxpartners. Chui Chui has written about the best product page designs. James about the importance of the right imagery and Chris has designed a beautiful and usable product page for next month’s .net magazine. Walt has talked about product reviews and eCommerce

You’d think we’d covered everything off. Well let me tell you we haven’t. We’re here to talk about the tricky subject of feelings. As eCommerce matures we’re seeing growth slow and the edge that UX to offer has shifted. More and more retailers are getting the basic nuts and bolts right. Clear pricing, straight forward calls to action, bulleted feature lists. Nothing new to savvy eCommerce types.

Where’s the advantage now days?

If everybody is getting it right how come some are more successful than others? In a word. Emotion. When contemplating purchasing a product, be it a hotel room, a new mobile phone, a shirt, whatever, people asses things in two broad categories of facets. The first category we know well. Price, dimensions, delivery, size, features; simple, easy to quantify rational facets. This is the stuff that is easy to design for. It’s easy to add to a CMS. It’s easy to gather the content. This is the bit most retailers are getting right. There was a time when this wasn’t the case. Searching for postage/shipping costs used to be a chore. Not any more. There’s little advantage in the rational side of commerce these days.

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