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Why Persuasive Design Should Be Your Next Skill Set

The UX discipline has been busy. In the last two decades, it has formalized the practices of information architecture, experience design, content strategy, and interaction design. Thanks to the insatiable drive of UX practitioners to improve and define the field, it will continue to grow, and persuasive design is the next practice it will supercharge and embrace, folding its techniques into interaction design.

A Framework for Changing Behavior

Persuasive design is the process of creating persuasive technology, or “technology that is designed to change attitudes or behaviors of the users through persuasion and social influence, but not through coercion.” – Wikipedia / BJ Fogg

In other words, it is the use of psychology in design to influence behavior.

There are a few main tenets of the discipline:

  • Behaviors can be classified based on whether they are positive or negative, and how long they will be sustained. (See the behavior grid)
  • A person’s motivation and ability determine whether they will perform a behavior or not


    . (See this illustration)

  • Insights from psychology can be used to change someone’s motivation or ability, thus influencing the likelihood of a behavior.
  • Triggers are single design elements that change motivation or ability.
  • Triggers have a strong element of timing; they are most effective when presented when someone’s motivation or ability are already at peak levels.

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