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Managing User Experience Teams

Google recently launched it’s NFC-based payment solution, Wallet. For a company like Google, strong in engineering but less so in design, Wallet was a particularly risky product to build. You can’t half-bake the design of a consumer payments product. It has to instill absolute confidence among its users. Workflows have to make complete sense with a minimum of learning. You can’t do it the same old Google way.

In the face of those risks, the product launched to reviews like this from Greg Kumparak of TechCrunch:

Google Wallet is great, magical, impressive, and all sorts of other positive adjectives

How did Google do it? How did we get good design done in an engineering-driven environment? This article is a record of the strategies I used in my time as UX manager over the Commerce group at Google which covered a range of products including Wallet.

1. We fished for champions

To get good design work done in a non-design-driven company, you simply must have a champion with decision-making power. If you’re a design leader and you don’t have a champion, you have to get one. Make this your single most important goal. It’s a rare design leader who can charm a hostile audience and bend them to their view of the world. Focus on people who have characteristics that lend themselves to being influenced by the contributions that UXers can make.

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