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Why Personas are Critical for Content Strategy | Johnny Holland

Personas and content strategy

Why Target Audience Segmentation Isn’t Enough

At an organizational level, content treatment, be it in print or online, has traditionally defaulted to the use of broader target audience segmentation to define messaging and distribution/dissemination. Speak to most content owners and creators within established departments – communications, marketing, policy – and you’ll hear how their messaging strategy aligns with the organization’s (or product/service’s) target audience. The challenge with digital content, however, is that the target audience segmentation approach of yesterday’s Industrial Revolution falls far short of the content requirements of today’s Information Age.

“A persona is a user archetype you can use to help guide decisions about product features, navigation, interactions, and even visual design.” – Kim Goodwin

The Benefits Of Personas To Digital Content

Personas help to bring richness to otherwise statistical data. Unlike traditional target audience segmentation, they provide greater depth and context to generic target audience groups by focusing on one character who embodies the predominant qualities of the larger group.

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