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Content Strategy

Why Personas are Critical for Content Strategy | Johnny Holland

Personas and content strategy

Why Target Audience Segmentation Isn’t Enough At an organizational level, content treatment, be it in print or online, has traditionally defaulted to the use of broader target audience segmentation to define messaging and distribution/dissemination. Speak to most content owners and creators within established departments – communications, marketing, policy – and you’ll hear how their messaging [...]

Posted on: 21/02/12
by admin
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6 Step Content Strategy : Mikka Leinonin

video post

The power of this presentations 10 slides lie in its direct and simple point by point communication. Mikka Leinonin produces a beautifully graphic description of content strategies 6 step process. ‘It is this easy’.

Posted on: 26/10/11
by Jimmy Keogh
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Designing Media: A treasure trove of information and insight on Mainstream Media

Introduction is from Designing Media, the link below gives access to all of the video interviews and chapters from Bill Moggridge’s book. Introduction Mainstream media, often known simply as MSM, have not yet disappeared in a digital takeover of the media landscape. But the long-dominant MSM—television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and books—have had to respond to emergent [...]

Posted on: 07/10/11
by Jimmy Keogh
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