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A Great User Experience: The Web Legacy of Steve Jobs

Earlier today, the tech world was rocked by the sad news that Steve Jobs had died. I’d like to pay tribute to Steve Jobs, on behalf of ReadWriteWeb, for what he brought to the Web world. There will be hundreds of different tributes written by many tech publications – deservedly so, as Steve Jobs had [...]

Posted on: 07/10/11
by Jimmy Keogh
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LukeW | Data Monday: Mobile Web Use vs. Mobile App Use

One of the appeals of a mobile Web solution over native mobile applications is the ability to reach a wider (across multiple platforms) audience. Here are some examples of companies doing just that. Slightly more Americans (36.4%) use their mobile browser than access applications (34.4%). More than 700,000 people use the Financial Times’ Web-based mobile [...]

Posted on: 03/10/11
by admin
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