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Can You Say That in English? Explaining UX Research to Clients

The new business meeting was going swimmingly—that is, until the client started asking questions about our design process. Then we unleashed our lexicon of specialized user experience (UX) research terminology. Why should we do that thing you called…what was it, task analysis? We’d like some of those personas. They’re important, right? What the heck is [...]

Posted on: 03/10/11
by admin
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What you need to become an Interaction Designer

video post

In this short video by Toscanalab Don Norman explains what is expected of a person wanting to become an interaction designer. As Norman puts it, there are four main areas of focus that one must become adept in to fulfill this ambition. A solid understanding of technology and its advantages and limitations in relation to both [...]

Posted on: 21/09/11
by admin
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