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SEO and Social Media Matter to User Experience (UX) Designers

SEO and UX Design User experience, and our abilities as designers to guide and influence it positively, “starts from when you first hear about a product,” says Don Norman. And we should listen. After all, he coined “user experience design” over a decade ago. So what does search engine optimization (SEO) have to with user [...]

Posted on: 06/10/11
by admin
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Can Online Social Networks Replace Real Socializing? | Wired Science | Wired.com

Google+, the new social network from the search giant, is only a month old, but it’s already been declared a big success. So far there have been more than 20 million unique visitors, sharing nearly one billion items every day. Analysts have dubbed it a potential “Facebook killer.” Why do we need yet another social [...]

Posted on: 22/09/11
by admin
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